How Do We Measure?

Measure up; measure against, the standard is important

I have been in a long season of re-tooling and transition. Most of what I used to measure myself by has been stripped away or reoriented. It seems like I come around to these same sets of thoughts every few months…for years now. Each time around I get a bit farther away from my old measures and a little closer to how our Creator measures.

So how do we measure? It all depends on what we are measuring. One of the first things we need to do is to find the right unit or system of measure for what you are trying to quantify. There are U.S. and metric measure units for size and volume, but what about significance and character measurements? We can always find someone to measure ourselves against that will make us look bad or good. That is simple comparison.

I hope we can agree that comparison is not the most honest or accurate way to measure significance and character. I have spent way too much of my life trying to figure out where I “fit.” I suspect I am not alone.

What measures are acceptable for evaluating significance and character?

Performance? If we achieve a certain level of excellence in any given area we naturally gain a level of recognition, at least from those who try similar things. I am no longer at ease with that though. Yes, it touches on what we can do, but it does not always speak to who we are?

Performance and achievement can lend us value in a particular circle of influence, but they are only shadows of what it real. What if we are no longer able to perform at a high level, or at all? Do we become worthless? Life experience and God’s word tell me otherwise!

What then is our system of measure? I propose, it comes from our Creator. Each time I come around to these questions, it is usually because I am asked, “What do you do?” I do not have a tidy answer like I did for over 30 years. I do a lot of things, but they do not define me.

In the end, we are all defined and measured in relationship to the one who made us. We are all created in the image of God. We all have infinite value because of that fact alone.

I know that is true, but there is still a part of me that desires to be noticed and acclaimed for something “important.” [by what measure=}?] Yet I am slowly finding increasing peace with the fact that The Creator of Everything made me like no other, and delights in me no matter what.

Can you let that sink a bit deeper into your being for a bit? The Creator of Everything made you like no other, and delights in you no matter what….


How do we measure? We measure ourselves and others gently. We measure full of the grace and mercy God has extended to each of us. And we measure with the help of our Creator who knows every day of our lives before we live it. This is the same one who is with us in all the joy, grief and turmoil of these crazy days we live in.

Be blessed to know you are made, called and chosen as children of the Almighty. You are never alone and you are always loved and accepted.

Andrea (Madden) Van Boven : I like to think I am a radical lover of Jesus, but I live in a house and pay bills and look like I fit in with respectable society, like most people. What goes on in my head and heart are hopefully the things that betray the look of "normal" that comes at first glance. I hope those things inside of me seep out to actions as well as words of hope and encouragement. I pray that these in turn will lead others to know the loving creator who knows us so intimately that he has a number for every hair on every head.

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