The $100 Acorn

I am doing a LOT of house work these days. Cleaning yes, but also landscaping, curb appeal stuff as well as interior repairs and maintenance. (On top of the usual stuff in my life.)

My driveway was pretty damaged after I had 13 trees taken out last year. Don’t worry I still have PLENTY of trees. Then I had a new septic system built along side of the driveway last fall. To repair and beautify it, I cleaned it really well using all the power tools I have that were appropriate and some hand implements. I had the leaf blower out with the weed whacker and the lawn mover as well as the hose with a pressure nozzle. I was having a  “Tool Time” kind of day=}. I love to be outside and I love to work with my hands.

In order to have access to my car while the surface is being cleaned and cured, I had to park it on the street. It was a warm day, so I parked it under some of the many trees that survived the aforementioned deforestation of my property.

It was a warm day so I did as I often do. I left the sun roof open a crack to keep the car from becoming an oven. Well, when I went to close it toward the end of the day, it wouldn’t. It would open and close to the point I had left it open but no further. Not the best thing with the need to park the car outside for a few days! I was fortunate that I could still get a call into the shop to look at it the next day and park it in the garage one night because the prep work demanded I apply the seal coating the next morning.

When I made the appointment the car shop warned me it would likely be between $160 to $1,600 to get it fixed, but they promised to look at it to make sure it was not something else. So, the next day after the driveway was finished I took the car, that I have named “Gracie,” into the shop, praying it would be a “cheap fix.” I asked several friends to pray along with me.

I waited a little over an hour before the repair rep came and asked me if I was feeling lucky! to which I replied “YES!” I had been praying after all! I could see he had something small in his hand. He responded to me with “OK” and tossed an acorn at me! Once I had a hold of it he told me the acorn was jammed in the track of my sunroof. Instead of the much more expensive fixes, I paid $99.87 to have that extracted and the track realigned to run smoothly.

$100 Acorn

$100 Acorn

Expensive? Yes, that is one expensive acorn! I have it. I am, however, very grateful that it was not a lot more! I am glad too that my driveway looks brand new, that I have friends who pray for me, that Abba cares about me, Gracie and even about acorns. And I have learned to not leave my sunroof cracked open under an oak tree in the fall!!! An expensive lesson, but not as bad as it might have been. Thank you Lord!

What are you trusting God for? Thanking God for? What lesson have you learned recently?

Andrea (Madden) Van Boven : I like to think I am a radical lover of Jesus, but I live in a house and pay bills and look like I fit in with respectable society, like most people. What goes on in my head and heart are hopefully the things that betray the look of "normal" that comes at first glance. I hope those things inside of me seep out to actions as well as words of hope and encouragement. I pray that these in turn will lead others to know the loving creator who knows us so intimately that he has a number for every hair on every head.

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